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AVTek Staffing has recruited, trained, and certified a complete staff of experienced audiovisual professionals; available for one-time, short term, long term, temp-to-hire, and permanent placement commitments. 


Our Services

Temporary: Whether you need a last minute tech for a one-time (minimum 4 hour) call or for 4 days, 4 weeks or 4 months. We can help supplement your AV staffing needs. Changes in today's work environment requires the planned use of a flexible workforce. That's why more companies are switching to the experienced, qualified staff at AVTek. AV professionals are available for short or long-term assignments and are ready to work at a moment's notice.

Temp-to-Hire: Converting one of our temporary technicians to your permanent staff is an easy and cost effective way to "try before you buy" when building the permanent staff for your business. AVTek Staffing has the best Temp-to-Hire program in the industry and it is tailored to provide the maximum benefit to your companies HR needs.

Permanent Placement: If your growing business requires additional permanent staff to enable it to meet its commitments, the permanent placement option might be the right choice for you.

Payroll Services: Our customers are often faced with the need to hire qualified employees, but not on a direct basis. Because of the risks associated with using 1099 independent contractor services, and the administrative burden associated with keeping part-time or seasonal employees on the payroll, many of AVTek customers have turned to our flexible payrolling services. Our Program payrolls customer-referred qualified resources on a contingent basis.  As AVTek's temporary employees, they are placed on assignment at customer sites. In this manner, AVTek maintains proper employer-employee relationships, relieving customers of administrative burdens and helping protect them from potential co-employment concerns. 


AVTek Staffing Contact

8403 Colesville Road
Suite 1100
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Tel: 202-347-2002
Fax: 202-347-4545
Email: info@avtekstaffing.com




Locations We Serve

› Washington DC

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› Baltimore MD

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